The growth of interconnected devices, new types of partners and more demanding customers make it difficult for manufacturing and medical device companies to effectively deal with customer complaints. Traditional ways of processing customer complaints are often very departmental - Quality Management Systems (QMS) for QA, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems for engineering, CRM for customer service - when they don't work with each other, companies end up with slow response times, breakdowns in communication, data re-entry and duplication and increased non-compliance.

What’s Needed

Manufacturing and medical device firms can't rely anymore on paper-based systems or siloed departmental software. Copying data from one system to another, chasing down different development teams, or trying to find out links between quality issues and product revisions - all these result in poor customer satisfaction and increased risks of non-compliance. Companies need an integrated solution that works across customer service, QA, engineering and operations. The solution should allow companies to have better insight into how customers, quality and product updates each impact each other.

Integrated customer complaints flow across CRM, PLM, QMS and ERP

Propel Capabilities

  • Integrated PLM, QMS and CRM for all customer data, quality information, product data, changes, tasks and deliverables
  • Unified process from customer complaint to QA investigation to design update
  • Best practices workflows for CAPAs, NCMRs, SCARs and more - all highly configurable 
  • Easy to use for QA, engineers, engineers, operations and partners


  • Lower risk of non-compliance and fewer errors
  • Faster customer responsiveness and higher customer loyalty
  • Greater employee productivity and less data duplication
  • Better insight into customer and product quality issues

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