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Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) has traditionally been the realm of mechanical engineers, but as products have become more complex, failing to include a broader set of stakeholders is a recipe for doomed product launches. Limiting PLM to a core set of engineers ignores the broader set of people who touch the product - including software developers, services teams, marketing, sales, partners and more - often resulting in missed market windows, lower quality products and less customer traction.

What’s Needed

Many companies have invested millions of dollars and years of effort into their legacy PLM system, but that data is only available for a core set of engineers. Lots more people need access to product data, but it’s hard to configure legacy PLM for non-engineers and swapping it out is not something for the faint-hearted. What’s needed is a more collaborative solution or PLM “augmentation” solution that can extract the relevant product data in legacy PLM systems and share that with a broader set of stakeholders. This PLM augmentation strategy would allow those other teams, partners and customers to view, update and share the latest product information that they care about - without negatively impacting the existing PLM systems that are already in use.

Propel Capabilities

  • Highly configurable and modern PLM system that can be tailored for the needs of non-engineers
  • Robust and modern integration framework to synchronize product data with any system
  • Secure and mobile access for both internal and external stakeholders
  • Easy to use for customers, partners, services, sales and operations
  • Fast deployment to any department, partner, region or business unit


  • Greater product success through inclusion of all impacted stakeholders
  • Higher productivity, faster time to market and fewer errors
  • Faster supplier and partner responsiveness

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