Get the Right Product Data to All Sales Channels

E-commerce has already created seismic shifts in the financial services and retail industries, and now it’s manufacturing’s turn. While the casual consumer won’t be buying a hydraulic drill rig online anytime soon, customer expectations have drastically changed how manufacturing firms must operate. In order to stay relevant, companies must figure out their online sales and marketing strategy which may include B2B and B2C sales, all while balancing the demands from existing distributors and direct sales teams. And they must do all this in the face of more frequent product updates and growing product complexity.

What’s Needed

Analysts estimate that 30% of product data on websites, supplier catalogs or sales person’s decks is wrong - leading to abandoned sales, lost business and unhappy customers. Companies need an accurate way to easily share the latest product updates coming from engineering and design to each of their sales channels, whether they’re existing distributors, partner websites, Amazon marketplaces or direct sales teams. And to minimize errors and confusion, they must make sure they communicate the relevant information for each of those B2B or B2C channels across the world. Larger companies should also be mindful to have the proper approvals for any change that may impact those channels.

Propel Capabilities

  • The only Product Information Management (PIM) solution built on Salesforce
  • Integrate product data seamlessly to Salesforce Sales Cloud or Commerce Cloud
  • Update, version, review and approve any product content changes for any type of product
  • Publish content to hundreds of e-commerce channels like Amazon or Walmart through Productsup partnership
  • Track tasks needed to roll out new products to the market

Propel publishes the latest product data to all B2B and B2C sales channels


  • Faster time to market by reducing delays with pricing and product updates
  • Increased channel revenue by having the right information
  • Higher customer satisfaction by having accurate, consistent and timely product content

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