Improve Collaboration between Suppliers

Ride sharing, autonomous vehicles and electric power are rapidly changing the way customers, dealers, suppliers and OEMs interact with each other. Even without replacing their legacy PLM, automotive and transportation companies can use Propel to augment their current PLM software. With Propel, suppliers can finally collaborate more broadly to deliver the transportation services that your customers now want.

Learn how Propel helps Tier 1, 2 and 3 suppliers directly engage with OEMs and partners to successfully deliver the exact solution customers need.

Improve supplier collaboration by allowing them to work on product data from your legacy PLM system

Successfully meet program milestones by getting everyone on the same page for projects, deliverables and activities

Drive product quality by coordinating service, QA and engineering to resolve product issues from customers, partners and dealers

Drive product quality with Propel


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R2 Dermatology turned to Propel in order to get their new products to market as quickly and safely as possible. The Salesforce platform that Propel is built on gave the company the flexibility and speed it needed to meet immediate deadlines and quality requirements, as well as the scalability for future growth.

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As part of their push to the cloud for their entire business, a manufacturer of infection prevention equipment left their on-premise PLM systems for Propel. The company chose Propel to better manage their customer complaints, but also because Propel's integrated cloud QMS and PLM could scale with their future growth.

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An Arena medical device customer - and long-time reference - decided to go with Propel in order to better scale the company. Arena's inflexibility and limited supplier collaboration made it difficult for the company to quickly and safely introduce new drug delivery systems into the market.

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  • Create, revise and compare product updates in one system.
  • Collaborate on product requests with customers, engineering, sales, partners and channels.
  • Integrate product data with opportunities, service cases, tasks and more.

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