Consumer Goods

Streamline New Product Launches for Consumer Goods

With the rise of social media, crowdsourcing and user communities, consumers are more engaged than ever in product design, feedback and promotion. Propel helps you tap into your customers and make their best ideas a reality.

Learn how Propel helps consumer goods companies grant their customers an active voice in every part of the product lifecycle - from new product launch to channel sales and beyond.

  • Deliver the best ideas by capturing, sharing and prioritizing input from your customers
  • Ensure success across all channels by rolling out the latest product and pricing information to your sales teams, distributors and retailers
  • Increase brand loyalty by coordinating customer service, partners, QA, engineering and marketing to resolve product issues from consumers

“Fast and easy deployment of a PLM solution! After years of administration and implementation of other PLM tools, Propel has simplified the process and made the experience fun!”