Deliver the Perfect Energy Systems to Customers

While commercial off-the-shelf products remain important for energy manufacturers, companies also face increased pressure to create custom-developed power systems. Propel provides the development, collaboration and project management tools you need to successfully deliver the exact solution that your customers need.

Learn how Propel helps energy companies quickly deliver innovative commercial products, but also embrace the more collaborative development of custom solutions.

  • Improve customer transparency by collaborating on updates to customer requests, product designs, and costs
  • Successfully launch solutions by getting everyone on the same page for project milestones, deliverables and activities
  • Ensure product reliability by coordinating customer service, QA, and engineering to resolve quality issues throughout the product lifecycle

“Because it’s built on a robust cloud platform, Propel makes it easy for us to collaborate on the latest product updates with our community of developers, partners, installers and customers.”

Neil Maguire, CEO of Adara Power