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Medical device organizations must comply with different regulatory requirements while continuously improving product quality, safety, and customer satisfaction. Propel offers a robust and secure Quality Management System (QMS) on a unified and collaborative platform. We help you deliver product success by combining people, systems, and processes to quickly manage product realization, quality processes, and customer complaints.

Propel Customers

Compete in any market and regulatory landscape 

Ensure Compliance 

Comply with any regulation and industry standard to compete and make your brand available globally. We help medical device manufacturers comply with FDA and EU regulations and other industry standards like ISO 13485, 21 CFR Part 11, and 21 CFR Part 820. Propel QMS provides elaborate modules for compliance, audit, and risk management modules along with a validation pack for all processes. Our cloud QMS incorporates decision trees that determine regulatory reporting requirements, which lower the risk of non-compliance.

Enhance Quality 

Leverage customer insights early in the product design process to improve product quality and deliver meaningful user experiences. Propel’s unified and collaborative platform helps you leverage customer feedback early in the production cycle to reduce iterations and accurately forecast timelines and costs. Propel leverages Salesforce’s multi-tenant modern cloud capabilities such as configurability, flexibility, data security, analytics, and reporting to deliver enhanced user experiences. Make informed product decisions based on collected data-driven insights.

Improve Safety 

Improve employee and product safety by minimizing risk due to inadequate training and product failures. Our unified and collaborative platform offers a seamless exchange of information and comprehensive auditing of external contract manufacturers and internal teams. Complete training record management solution offers automation, which improves product and employee safety while reducing costs. Built on Salesforce’s multi-tenant cloud, our solution incorporates decision trees that determine reporting requirements, which significantly lower the risk of errors.

Maximize Customer Satisfaction

Quickly manage complaints and resolve cases to increase customer retention, responsiveness, and loyalty. Propel integrates with the Salesforce Service Cloud and other case management or customer service systems. It provides you with a closed feedback loop — ranging from customer complaints to QA investigation further to design update — resulting in improved quality products. Our fully configurable fields and workflows help you to meet all the specific needs of your customers.

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Propel helps companies achieve product success. With complete data visibility, you can provide a holistic, well-informed experience and more quickly deliver market-leading products from concept to customer. Built entirely on Salesforce, our modern cloud platform maximizes customer satisfaction by leveraging contextual feedback every step of the way. See firsthand how you and your company can benefit from having a single source of product truth anywhere, anytime, and from any device.