Product Commercialization at the Speed of Light

Keep up with global requirements, evolving product complexities, and increasing customer expectations by successfully extending the definition of product success beyond engineering and product development to include commercialization and service early and throughout the product lifecycle.

Explore Commercialization Capabilities 

Go to Market Readiness 

Plan for global product launches and closely monitor the specific needs of your global customers. Commercialize products at speed and scale while hitting cost targets.

Go to Market Readiness
Real-time Collaboration

Contextually exchange product information among all internal and external stakeholders involved in the product commercialization process. Agility and complete data visibility help you reduce errors, delays, and iterations while working with your internal teams, external suppliers, resellers, partners, and distributors.

Redlines and Revisions

Capture graphical change history for all your SKUs and attributes. Redline product changes and precisely identify what changed and where, ensuring your team becomes productive, quick, and efficient.

Complete Product Data
Complete Product Data

Ensure product information completeness — define different attributes, fill out missing attributes, and discover incomplete product data. Report on the number of products in each category, product source SKUs, and generate excel catalog reports. Analyze product information using integrated analytics and dashboards.

Partner and Customer Portals

Streamline external communication by aggregating data from multiple sources, and collaborating with multiple partners, suppliers and distributors. Create aggregate catalogs and showcase product offerings across many partners, resellers and suppliers. Strong permission models limit product data access to maintain complete privacy.

Supplier Portals
Category & Asset Management 

Address custom attributes for each product category, regardless of industry. Meet your customer’s expectations by supporting all commercial assets ranging from broad and generic product lines to specific SKU variants needed for product launches. Enable global sales by storing data in multiple languages and assist multiple locales.

Sales Channel Enablement 

Ensure channel readiness and accelerate your omni-channel sales by rolling out the latest product changes across all channels, catalogs, and regions. Certify your sales teams, distributors, and partners on the latest product information, promotions, and track personnel training.

Product Training
Product Data and Change Approvals
Change Approvals and Workflows 

Grant access to product attributes, pricing data, marketing specs, and other updates by rolling out the latest information to the right stakeholders.  Impart a high degree of flexibility and configurability to build the required workflows for meeting evolving customer expectations.

Connect Third-party Apps

Integrate with any ERP, CRM, and third-party apps and successfully move inventory data from other systems. Achieve channel syndication by sharing product data with any sales channels, distributor portal or third-party vendor.

Comprehensive Search 

Quickly and easily find the right product data, files or SKUs across your entire Propel instance with powerful search functionality.


Incorporate Customer Feedback 

Ensure high customer satisfaction, increased market share and an intact brand reputation. Record customer feedback and tie it to your product record. Ensure quick resolution to complaints arising due to incorrectly displayed imagery, a faulty feature, or incorrectly shipped product. 

Incorporate customer feedback

Completely built on Salesforce

Only commercialization solution completely built on the Salesforce platform, enabling you to easily connect with Sales Cloud, CPQ, Commerce Cloud (CloudCraze), and other endpoints for a comprehensive omni-channel experience.

Propel + Salesforce
Built on Salesforce