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Propel provides the only cloud-based Quality Management Software (QMS) solution that seamlessly connects your CRM and PLM systems so you can have a true closed feedback loop that quickly manages product realization, quality processes, and customer complaints.

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Compliance Management 

Comply with regulations such as FDA and EU along with industry standards like ISO 13485, 21 CFR Part 11, and 21 CFR Part 820. Our compliance management module includes secure electronic signatures, password security, audit trails of each action, and risk management incorporated in all processes. We also provide a validation pack with executed IQ and OQ, as well as template PQ scripts for all Propel processes.

Supplier Qualification 

Successfully manage onboarding and qualification of new suppliers, finances, and processes. Our cloud-based QMS solution helps you support supplier qualification audit activities and electronic approvals. Improve and strengthen collaboration with your suppliers to quickly resolve all product and supply chain-related issues, minimize the risk of noncompliance during audits, and improve product quality.

Deviation Management 

Quickly identify deviations from normal processes to ensure your organization is compliant with FDA and ISO regulations and practices.


Fully functional Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) systems incorporate investigation, containment, CAPA plans, implementation plans, risk analysis, and effectiveness checks. Propel’s QMS solution offers you greater flexibility to configure the forms and workflows necessary to meet your customer's specific needs and expectations. You will more effectively find resolutions with the ability to quickly identify all internal and external business challenges.


Supplier investigation and root cause analysis, as well as seamless collaboration with suppliers via supplier portals, is supported by Propel’s cloud-based QMS. A supplier can easily be notified and involved in the overall process if a Supplier Corrective Action Request (SCAR) is in process.


Integrate your Non-Conforming Material Report (NCMR) with other QMS processes such as CAPA and audits. Describe non-conforming material via our highly configurable forms and workflows. Record non-conforming material and related supplier information to comply with FDA and ISO regulations, and to follow industry best practices.

Equipment Calibration 

Store all records pertaining to equipment calibration and maintenance over its entire life span. Notify specific personnel when product inspections are due and collaborate with all stakeholders to ensure product quality when equipment is out of spec.

First Article Inspection 

Customize inspection forms with required parameters to evaluate quality. Store a complete inspection report and connect it directly with the NCMR as well as the supplier's corrective action reports and records. Drive superior supplier product quality and reduced variations in the manufacturing processes.

Document Control 

Control revisions for Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), work instructions, and specification documents. Effectively control revisions for the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), work instructions, and specification documents. Control, access, and manage reviews and approvals for important documents including change order processes. Create watermarked PDF files and structure documents into the Design History Files (DHF).

Document Control
Training Records Management 

Confidently pass audits and improve product and employee safety. Our comprehensive training record management solution includes full employee training transcripts, document-based training and quizzes, automated retraining, and training analytics. Significantly improve product safety and decrease costs by eliminating the chance of product recalls.

Audit Management

Take preventive actions and make informed business decisions based on data-driven audit insights. From internal and external audits to auditing your suppliers, Propel has you covered. Manage internal, external, and supplier audits and share information about upcoming audits and audit results with respective stakeholders.

Risk Management

Propel’s cloud-based QMS incorporates risk management into all of your processes to minimize adverse reactions. Incorporate Engineering Change Orders (ECOs), CAPAs, and NCMRs into all of your processes. Precisely calculate the risk score for events based on parameters, such as issue severity and occurrence frequency, through Propel’s reportable risk management matrix.

Customer Complaints

Resolve customer complaints and QA investigations to improve product safety and maximize customer loyalty. Fully integrate with Salesforce Service Cloud and other case management or customer service systems to leverage customer insights. Propel’s fully configurable fields and workflows allow you to meet specific customer needs. Lower the risk of errors and non-compliance by incorporating decision trees that determine regulatory reporting requirements.


Maintaining Quality & Compliance Throughout the Product and Customer Lifecycles

Completely built on Salesforce, Propel is the only modern QMS solution seamlessly connected with customer relationship management (CRM) and product lifecycle management (PLM). Enable a closed feedback loop by bringing together your customer and product records to quickly manage product realization, quality processes, and customer complaints.

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