Simplify Platform Consolidation using Salesforce

Increase business agility, improve security, and simplify your IT stack by using a single solution completely built on Salesforce.

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Modern cloud solution

Built on Salesforce, our solution includes all the capabilities of the leading cloud platform: Flexibility, integration across the entire value chain, fast time to market, and an easy-to-use interface.

Increase business agility

By relying on clicks instead of code, quickly configure and deploy to any part of your value chain — and easily update as your needs change.

Lower cost and business risk

Reduce cost and expense on a single cloud-based technology platform deployed quickly to minimize business disruption.

Extensible across your value chain

Integrate easily with CRM, ERP, CAD, CPQ, and service platforms by sharing objects on Salesforce or API integrations.

World-class security

Rely on Salesforce’s skilled cybersecurity team to manage infrastructure, network, and application security to counter threats both internal and external.

Always up-to-date

Our multi-tenant SaaS model ensures each customer is always on the latest code base, with the flexibility to update configurations as needs evolve.

Easy to use and configure

Get one home base for all your product information that is constantly up-to-date. Never wonder who updated your data or chase down a part again.

Real version control

Product changes update everywhere in Propel, not just in one spreadsheet

CAD integration

Automatic part creation and seamless 3D visualization with any CAD system

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Your Future-Proof Platform Strategy

Leave a legacy by deploying a cloud-based platform that integrates with your existing tools, accelerates user adoption, and increases productivity, all within one unified platform built on Salesforce.

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