More than 70% of Americans think robots will take over their jobs. Elon Musk says we need a ban on killer robots.

There’s a lot of fears and opinions on robots, but what’s actually going on? Propel went to a recent robotics conference to get the latest from real robotics professionals. Propel has helped some amazing robotics companies launch many innovative products, so we were very interested in understanding the latest priorities, interests and purchasing tendencies of robotics strategists, developers, manufacturers and buyers.

Here are 5 quick facts we learned from a survey at a recent robotics conference. Click the infographic to see a larger view.

1. Of all the different types of robots out there, drones are the ones that most people are interested in. Almost 60% of survey respondents were interested the most in drones. Using robots in manufacturing areas (47%) and medical environments (32%) were the second and third most popular choices.

2. The line of business is still driving robotics purchasing decisions. 47% of respondents indicated that engineers were responsible for purchasing robotics, while 42% said it was Operations. Only 5% said it was IT.

3. When it comes to robotics, most people are focused on productivity and costs. Not a surprise since robotics are typically associated with automation. Companies aren’t at the point yet where improving customer experience or revenue is a key consideration for robotics.

4. Cost was ranked as the biggest challenge facing robotics, according to 42% of survey respondents. Being able to customize robotics technology was a close second with 32%. Other factors like user adoption, regulations and power consumption were ranked considerably lower.

5. The robotics industry is still in its infancy with little tools or experience to help. Almost 90% of survey respondents indicated they weren’t using any apps like PLM to manage their development and launch process. And 74% had less than 2 years of experience with robotics.

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Miguel Tam

Miguel Tam

Oct 11, 2017