Propel's Thoughts on Manufacturing and Cloud PLM Software

Omni-Channel Sales and Digital Transformation

Sep 18, 2018

Are you from a manufacturing company going to Dreamforce? I'm sure E-commerce is probably something on your mind. It's sure hit retailers and...
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Retailers Look To Embrace "Concept-to-Customer"

Aug 29, 2018

Since the boom of online shopping retailers are looking for ways to stay relevant in today's digital age. Because to stay relevant is stay in...
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Back to School Product Information Tips

Aug 20, 2018

While some people aren't fans of Fall, I personally love it. All of it – the leaves falling on the ground, the brisk air, football on TV, and pumpkin...
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Is 3D Printing Really Revolutionizing Medical Devices?

Aug 13, 2018

One of the biggest shifts with Industry 4.0 is additive manufacturing, sometimes referred to as 3D printing. Instead of taking months to get a metal...
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