In my last blog post, I introduced how cloud technologies can work together to help manufacturing companies execute their digital transformation initiatives. For example, Salesforce, Propel and AscentERP are built on a common cloud platform, so they can help manufacturers do things they never could do before.

In a recent webinar, Shaun McInerney, President and Cofounder of AscentERP, and I highlighted how companies could easily share data across departments and partners. Below is a diagram illustrating how Salesforce, Propel and Ascent use a common data model to help everyone collaborate on customer and product data, so they can get products to customers as intelligently as possible.

Last time, I discussed a pretty straightforward use case of capturing customer ideas and then having everyone work together to get the right products delivered to customers. An even more difficult use case is working closely with a customer to design and deliver custom-developed products. But with integrated cloud solutions, the “opportunity to order” process is relatively easy.

One example of a customer doing this is AMS Technologies in Germany. They use Salesforce and Propel right now, and are looking at getting a cloud ERP solution for their back end transactional processes. In fact, they won the Dreamforce Manufacturing Innovation Award in 2016 for their work!

Here’s how they use cloud technologies to enable custom development.

A Customer submits a request to Sales, who captures the information and sales opportunity in Salesforce. Sales, Engineering and Operations work with the Customer using Propel to collaborate on requirements and initial designs. AscentERP is critical in helping everyone understand the most up to date lead times, inventories and costs. Once Sales wins the deal and closes the sales opportunity in Salesforce, everyone can use Propel to further detail out the product. They can use Propel to redline changes and get formal approvals, while Ascent keeps everyone up to date on how product updates impact costs and delivery times.

For more information on how Propel, AscentERP and Salesforce can help you with your digital transformation, check out our webinar recording or visit

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Miguel Tam

Miguel Tam

Aug 10, 2017