New Product Introduction

Four Inspiring Engineer-to-Order Examples

July 15, 2020

Here are four examples of what’s possible when you offer engineer-to-order products the right way.

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Digital Strategy

Five Key Fundamentals of Product Success

May 26, 2020

Closing value chain gaps is key to achieving product success and satisfying your customers while accounting for their ever-changing needs.

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Digital Strategy

Streamlining Product Success with Salesforce

May 18, 2020

What manufacturers need is a robust cloud-based platform that houses various functions, including PLM, CRM, and QMS, to augment the product development lifecycle by connecting the customer and product records. This is where California-based Propel makes a difference.

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Supply Chain

Flight, Fright, or Freeze: Manufacturers in an Uncertain World

May 15, 2020

Build an ecosystem of trust and empathy along with being well prepared to respond to improbable and chaotic black swan events such as COVID-19.

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